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Now I can say this was a speed paint…..but that would be a great big lie…..because it’s been a while since I’ve drawn robots like this. lol

Optimus Prime was such a badass in the movie. I don’t want to spoil anything for anybody who hasn’t seen the movie yet, but let me tell you totally not how I would expect OP to act, I liked it.


i had the most surreal experience of my life at the mall i was standing by one of those god forsaken meme t-shirt stands and a sweaty pre-teen boy pointed to a shirt and yelled “gandam style” and started to half-heartedly do the dance without taking his eyes off of the shirt. his face was so red. he was tired.



Please pass this on and pay special attention to the 911 Good Samaritan. You can save a life.

I miss my best friend so much. He would have graduated with me this year, he would have been going to college. I would still be able to talk to him everyday instead of crying my eyes and heart out missing him. You can do so much if you reblog this, people will know, people will live. I miss you Dara

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